Mauricio Pochettino reveals missed Kieran Trippier text after Tottenham boss changes number

Mauricio Pochettino says Kieran Trippier tried to contact him to explain he believed that his words were”twisted” while on international duty, when he seemed to reestablish the club’s handling of his death.
The England right-back claimed last week that he”did not get a response” if he requested the chairman Daniel Levy regarding his future in the summer, prior to a #22m switch to Atletico Madrid.
Pochettino revealed Trippier delivered him a text but he did not get it after amounts, leaving Harry Kane to pass from duty.
The Spurs boss explained:”I did not view [Trippier’s comments], but I noticed about it. I can explain how I am feeling. We had a dialogue where he said he was planning to go to Atletico Madrid – nothing longer.
“Yesterday (Wednesday) if Harry Kane arrived back he said to me’did you get Kieran’s text?”’ I said’no’ since my number changed. Maybe because he doesn’t have the amount.
“Because he believe his words were twisted – I do not know nothing more. Kieran translated this message to me. He wanted to tell me. But I’ve got no issue.
“In football decisions occur and gamers move from one club to another. What happenedhappened and we need to move on and he needs to consider Atletico Madrid and be happy there.
“There’s no point to speak about whether something happened or didn’t happen. The truth is who’s appropriate in all this process, although 1 fact? There’s no use in talking. However, I keep very good memories from him.”
“After the summer he came to see me, he asked me for a meeting and said’gaffer, I think I’ve a fantastic chance and for different reasons I’d love to accept the offer from Atletico Madrid’.
“He didn’t ask me nothing – just hauled whether the team were planning to accept the offer. Nothing more.
“It wasn’t a dialogue – you want me? Or you do not need me? It had been so clear. Once I had plenty of options, with Serge Aurier, Davinson Sanchez, Kyle Walker-Peters he played the closing. But he played the closing. My actions talk over my mouth”